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If you are new to the studio, we have several options to get you started.

1. 14-day Introductory Unlimited Mat Classes–$39.

2. First Time Equipment class–$25.


3. Try 3 and SEE!–$245
– 3 mat classes
– 3 reformer/equipment classes
 & 3 private sessions

Studio Happenings

ART WALK Open House 5/4 from 2pm-6pm.  Come see our studio transformed by works of art as it becomes Kristen’s artistic masterpiece for an afternoon.

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Equipment Classes

Taught on the reformer, spring board and sometimes even chair, these classes vary from 3-5 participants.

Mat/Fitness Classes

Our mat classes offered both in studio and virtually offer detailed instructions and personal corrections. Maxed at a total of 11 participants to maximize your experience and help you along your personal journey to function solid movement.


These sessions are scheduled to meet your schedule and designed specifically to meet your needs.  They are a great way to introduce yourself to the technique.


We offer workshops for students to deepen their understanding of the work and as supplementary care. We also offer workshops for teachers to expand their knowledge and improve their teaching.  


Pilates Indy is honored to host BASI Pilates Teacher Training and host a variety of other continuing education opportunities to help instructors hone their  skills and improve their teaching.


Choose from Broad Ripple or Greenwood.  Both socially distanced and practicing solid safety measures to keep you moving and healthy.


See what sets us apart in a virtual world with small class sizes and private/semi private instruction available.  Individual attention in your place of choice whether you are local or on the other side of the globe.  

Discover what you are capable of…

Whether you are new to exercise or a professional athlete, mind body fitness regiments can enhance both functional movement and athletic performance while improving posture balance and overall wellness.  Learn more about what we have to offer. 

1. What is Pilates?

“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”

Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86.


Pilates is a precision based form of exercise which first focuses on the core muscles, referred to as the “powerhouse” and then branches to strengthen and tone the entire body. The technique improves flexibility and muscular symmetry while emphasizing balance and control. Pilates accentuates quality of movement over quantity to promote the developement of lean, long muscles and powerful mind-body control. The Pilates exercises consist of both mat and machine work. Pilates Indy, Inc. is a fully outfitted studio with quality equipment from Balanced Body.

2. What is Gyrotonic?

The fundamentals of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® consists of a totally new exercise technique using GYROKINESIS® principles (floor and stool based exercises) as the basis to exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating the joints. The equipment is built around the human body with all regards to total freedom in movement, no restriction to speed and versatility, and enhances rather than distracts from coordination, strength and flexibility.

GYROKINESIS® movements focus on the spiraling and undulations of the body and spine while opening the joints. It is an experience unlike any other type of conditioning regime. GYROTONIC® training moves the work onto specialized equipment including the Gyrotonic Pully Tower.

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and are used with their permission.

3. What is Melt?

The MELT Method® is a breakthrough self-treatment system that restores the supportiveness of the body’s connective tissue to eliminate chronic pain, improve performance, and decrease the accumulated stress caused by repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.


4. What is TRX/PSM?

The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) takes Pilates mat and equipment based exercises and performs them on a suspension trainer, like TRX. Much like traditional Pilates equipment classes, PSM classes provide a full body workout that challenges your stability and flexibility, while maintaining the integrity of the Pilates method.


About Us

Company History & Philosophy


Pilates Indy Inc was founded on the principle of making quality Pilates instruction available to everyone. Katie Brown Wright is a former dancer who discovered the benefits of Pilates through the arts. Wanting to share the benefits of the work with others, Pilates Indy Inc was opened in 2002. It started as a small in home studio and has grown to fill its present Broad Ripple & South Side locations. The studios offer private, semi-private and group Pilates mat and equipment sessions along with private Gyrotonic® sessions and Gyrokinesis® classes.

Pilates Indy Inc is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.


“Pilates Indy has been a huge benefit to my physical and emotional health since I started taking reformer classes in 2013. I moved to other parts of the country and really struggled to find comparably competent and knowledgeable studio, even in big cities. Katie has built a solid and consistent studio with broad and deep knowledge of anatomy in addition to BASI pilates. They offer an incredible variety of experiences and methods. I think of this studio as Indianapolis’s long hidden gem. They have gotten me through two hip replacements, and I can’t imagine finding another place with the same commitment to overall well being!”

This place keeps me moving at 78!  I look forward to my sessions, and I am always glad I went. The instructors are super knowledgeable, constantly checking to make sure you are doing it correctly, instructing which muscles to focus on while doing the stretch, plus making it interesting. After 15 years of Pilates Indy, I still love it. Their virtual classes make it easy for me to attend when I am out of town and were my biggest blessing during covid.  

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